Candid Wedding Photography

Candid Photoshoots Cochin

Candid Photography

Funny? Quirky? Amused? Impulsive? Emotional?

Name it and we can have it!.

Candid photography is when the actual expressions are caught without a sense of conscious posing. They give some of the most beautiful and picture perfect outputs.

At Sherin, we adore the beauty of spontaneous moments. Be it the cute girl playing with the flower basket or the handsome groom who can’t take his eyes off the bride during services,
or the tearful mother clutching her husband’s hand during the ceremony, candid moments are extra special.Our passionate team is always on their toes to capture those tiny story-worthy seconds. Candid Photography stops that perfect moment from running away.

Don’t you love the life they can add to you album? We know you do!